Saturday, September 17, 2011

My hero

This week was all about "rest". I was off chemo (doctors orders) and so I just rested all week. I cleaned like a freak (that's how I rest), played with the kiddos, went to the gym, and watched movies with my husband. Life felt normal, kind of....I still get really tired easily. BUT THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT CANCER!!!(I'm a little excited about that)

I've been overwhelmed lately (in a good way) by all the support I have received since being diagnosed. Long lost friends, acquaintances, Adam's co-workers, new friends from church, and even complete strangers have just LOVED on me. I am so blessed by this, but I'm still learning "how to do it". I get lots of emails, comments, and even texts about how strong I am and inspirational. I don't know how to respond to them.

Truth is I'm not strong. I'm not inspirational. I'm just n-o-t.

I am a normal, scared, weak, little girl who just loves Jesus. And without sounding too hokey that is why I'm able to do what I do. I'm strong because Jesus is strong. I'm not scared of the future because I have hope of life everlasting in Him. And I'm not mad that I have cancer, because I know that Jesus is perfect and so are His plans for my life.

BUT this post is NOT about me. It's about one of my HEROES.

A lady who is STRONG.

A lady who is INSPIRATIONAL.

A lady who also LOVES JESUS a lot.

Meet Sherry:
She's the hot one on the right side. That tall guy in the middle is Andy another great co-worker friend.

Sherry works at Gowalla with Adam. We like to joke about one of the first times we met. I just sat myself down right next to her and asked, "So, what's your story?". (Ha typical Jen) We spent the rest of the night talking life, guys, kids, adoption, and who knows what else. We were instant friends. She even talked me into doing a running group with some other Gowalla employees. (Ha that is NOT a typical Jen. I ADORE working out, but HATE running)

So why is Sherry my hero?

Well....first you need to...

Meet Zuri:
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Am I right? Little Zuri lives in Ethiopia (for the moment). She's Sherry's daughter, and tomorrow morning Sherry leaves Austin to go to Ethiopia and pick up her daughter. In a little over a week, Mom and daughter will come HOME!

Sherry is my hero, because she heard God whisper, "Take care of the orphans", "Love the unloved", "Adopt a daughter from Africa, Sherry". And Sherry said, "YES, I will!"

Even when it didn't make "sense", Sherry said "yes". You see Sherry is single. Normal single ladies don't adopt babies from Africa. Sherry is the only income in her home. Normal people look at the cost of adoption and say "Nope, not for me. That is too expensive". Sherry is willing to open her heart, home, and life to a little baby she had never met. Normal single people just don't do that!

I hope that you are beginning to see that Sherry is NOT normal. Because of the love of Jesus, Sherry is obeying God's question; "Who will go?" "Who will love these babies?" "Who will love like I first loved?" She is amazing. And the story that God is telling through her life and her daughter is AAAAH-mazing!

Please join me friends. Pray for my amazing friend Sherry and her baby girl Zuri. I know that she is nervous. I know that she is scared. And I know that Satan is trying his best to knock my sweet friend down. But Sherry knows that the battle is already won, that because of Jesus we are adopted into the family of God. And because of that LOVE, Sherry can love a little baby the same way I love my kiddos. Sherry knows that adoption is the perfect picture of loving someone unconditionally. Sherry knows that her Heavenly Father fought for her life the same way Sherry has been fighting for Baby Zuri. And that soon she will hold that little baby in her arms FOREVER! Pray for my hero!

Pray for baby Zuri. Pray for health and an easy trip back to Austin. Pray for her heart to begin healing. Pray for the bond of mother and daughter to form. Pray for the details. Pray for sweet moments and for patience and peace for the not so sweet ones. Pray for the paperwork and passports. Pray for sweet laughs, lots of cuddling, and nights of sleep (for Mom and baby). Pray...Pray...Pray.
Tomorrow my hero travels to get her baby girl. And tomorrow a new chapter in the beautiful story God is writing about these two begins. I can't wait to "read" the next part, and I can't wait to get my arms around these two beautiful girls. I love you, Sherry! (and baby Zuri!)

I will be getting off a plane with my little girl. And she will be mine. Forever. Despite being scared, my heart is able to see the life of true joy this little girl is going to bring me. Yes, I won’t get to go dancing with my friends as much :) and I probably won’t get as much sleep. Sacrifices will be made. People are going to look at me funny. Dating will likely be interesting. There are going to be hard days, especially doing this on my own. But giving her a family, watching her grow, living life together and seeing who she turns into…this is what matters. I can’t wait. -words from Sherry's blog

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Anonymous said...

Sherry is inspirational. Can hardly wait to meet her and her new little girl. She is a hero!!

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