Friday, September 30, 2011

Meeting Baby Zuri

There is just something about the orphan crisis that gets me worked up. I just feel such a desperation to do something! And I love stories about people who are doing just that....something. And that is exactly what this post is about. This post is about an orphan who has a family now. It's about a love that could not be separated by half the world. And it's a post about sweet smiles from precious baby Zuri.

Monday night (past our bedtime) we went and welcomed home Zuri Birk. I mentioned her Mommy in a previous post. It was a wonderful night even though I had to push back my chemo and was up all night long. My sleepless night was worth it, because SHE IS HOME and SAFE and LOVED!

Enjoy some pics from that night courtesy of Daniel Davis.

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Anonymous said...

What a true miracle!! God works in the most awesome wonderful ways and baby Zuri is so blessed to have such a wonderful new mommy and tons of "aunts and uncles" that will love her. So glad you could be there sweetie... glad to see you are not letting this cancer keep you down and away from the love of the people around you and sharing in the moments of a lifetime. I love you baby. Can't wait to meet Sherry and Zuri..

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