Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest makes me want to be a better woman...

I'm not a crafty person. But secrectly I wish I was. I want to be the person that comes up with cute crafts for my house. Decorations for each season. Little homemade gifts for parents and friends. Adorable little activities to do with my kids. How awesome would that be?

I can't decorate my way out of a box. No, seriously, I really can't. I don't have an eye for decorating, but I want to. I even watch hours and hours of HGTV and DIY to help me. I want beautiful, cozy, clean and modern, yet colorful rooms. Rooms that make people ooh and aah. I just don't want plain, boring, white walls, is that too much to ask?

I do not cook. Oh I make food, but I don't cook. I can read a recipe, but I don't have the gift of cooking. I want to be a good cook. The kind that loves to do it. I would love to make things from scratch and play with different ingredients. I would love to create beautiful meals that I could share with others. Just once I'd love to feel like a real cook with a meal I'd actually want to prepare for others.

I'm not fashionable. Nope not one bit. I wear a t shirt and shorts EVERY DAY. Even if I had all the money in the world, I would have NO IDEA what to buy or what would look good on me. I don't get fashion and am afraid that I'm passing this on to my children. I have no idea what it feels like to have someone compliment my clothes or ask me where I bought something. Maybe just once it would be nice?

I'm not crafty, or a decorator, or a cook, or fashionable and yet.....I'm obsessed with pinterest. If you haven't been on this site, stop reading and GO there NOW!

It is a fun site full of crafts, decorating ideas, recipes, and fashion. Just a place for the creative people in the world to share their ideas with us duds. And I love it. I haven't done anything with my new obsession, but it does make me WANT to do something.

With all that said. I did do one crafty, decorating, organizing thing last year and I wanted to share it with you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my clever book case.

These book shelves are made out of metal gutters and attached to the walls. I'm in love with them because my kids can see all the book covers and it is easy to put away.
Are you a crafter, decorator, cook, or fashionista? If so, want to come over?


jordan fowler said...

Cool idea! (Tetanus shots just in case?). I learned from Mindy Lynn that interior decorating actually has some rules to it. That it isn't entirely subjective in the truest sense. As a guy who loves (obsessed with?) systems and processes it was cool to hear some of the rules.

Example LOL syndrome. Lots of legs syndrome where all your furniture has long spindled legs w/ nothing anchoring it to the ground. She put a couple of chests under them and wallah, things looked much better.

Who knew? (okay picking back up mancard)

Maddie Nieman said...

I love pinterest!! Makes me want to do crafts all the time haha

Cynthia said...

Jen! I love Pinterest, and I LOVE Cooking. I am a really good recipe follower, but every once in awhile when I don't have a specific ingredient I take risks and substitute to get a meal made. I'm quite shocked that I am able to do this. I think that is where my creative side is. I'm getting more adventurous with what I cook or bake. OOOHHH, I LOVE BAKING!! I'm working on the decorating and the style. I'll cook for just let me know what you want and when you want it!

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