Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hair be gone

I'm so sorry that I haven't been around for awhile, but chemo was kicking my butt. And not just kicking my butt, but taking my mind. The medications I was on were/are really harsh and messed with my head. Let's just say that I don't remember weeks. And it was a very good idea that I did NOT blog in that state: TRUST ME.

But in true Jen-like fashion even though I was very sick and very brain-dead I had a party to throw......a head shaving party!

Cancer is a mean SOB and I hate it. It robs you of a lot of things in life you love. For many it takes their life on this earth. When fighting cancer you lose your strength, your energy, your daily routine, your appetite, your food (literally), your health, your mind, your sleep, your...geez it feels like cancer takes everything some days.

It even takes your hair. And for us ladies that's bigger then I can write about right now. Let's just say that for most of my life I have BATTLED my hair and yet moments here and there before my head shaving party I found myself crying over losing it.

BUT I wasn't going to let cancer take this from me. Not this time! I was going to hold my head high and chop my hair off MYSELF. I wasn't going to let chunk after chunk fall out. I wasn't going to cover my sick hair with a scarf. NOPE! I wasn't letting cancer win this one. Cancer picked a fight with the WRONG GIRL. Cancer might wins some of the little fights, but not this one......
Our roommate Daniel Davis took photos for me. He is such a blessing to my family.

And Morgan my friend and AWESOME hair stylist did the cutting.
Since I have never had my hair "short" we decided to try some styles out while we "went up".

The men in my life (all of them) decided to surprise me. They had been talking it over and chose to shave their heads too. No worries it made me cry too. So my hubby, my 6 year old Connor, and 4 year old Bryce got hair cuts. Later that night Connor whispered to me that I still looked beautiful. Wow these boys are breaking my heart. I do hope that they remember this experience, because I know I will.
Now we McManus folk aren't your typical family and we HAD to take some fun pictures before we all shaved-shaved our heads. So awesome Morgan gave us all Mohawks. (And NO Alexis did not cut her hair and YES she did not have a choice. Sorry!)

It took a lot of work to get a picture of me NOT smiling. I had such a fun time that night with family and friends. I even chose to NOT take my usual medications so I wouldn't look high in the pictures and had a chance to actually remember that night. It is a miracle that the pain I was in that night didn't bother me one bit. God is so good.
Fuzz heads!

Daniel did a beautiful job telling a story of that night in pictures and I would love you to see those too. HERE!


stephanie garcia said...

What a beautiful post. The love and joy of your family together is so evident here!

Priceless said...

Sheesh! Sobbing all over again and I've already seen these. Love you.

Sandi B. said...

I love these pictures, your story, your heart, your fighting spirit, you you you. :) Thanks for writing again! Miss you!

monica said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so proud of you! And you really look great in a variety of styles! :) Good to know, huh? We'll keep praying for you!

Momma SAdler said...

I have looked at those photo's a dozen times and it still makes me tear up. Seeing Adam look at you and hold your hand.....the Spirit is in those pictures! And Connor is right; you are beautiful. I love you and this amazing story God is weaving!

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