Friday, March 11, 2011

What the heck is GOWALLA?

Ever heard me talk about Gowalla?? Ever wondered what the heck I'm talking about???? Well, it's the company Adam works for and to us one of the coolest things ever.

It's an experience on your smart phone or iPad or computer. It's a community of YOUR friends and a network that lets you share your experiences, places, cool spots, and deals in your area (and really around the world). You simply sign up HERE. And hook up your Facebook/Twitter to find friends who are using Gowalla. Then you go out and EXPLORE! Find your friends favorite places, parks, concerts, and events. You can search for new places, see pictures, read YOUR friends reviews, and learn about places around you.

It's fun to connect with friends. We've changed our dinner plans because we saw that our friends had checked in to another place down the road. We hooked up with them because of Gowalla and enjoyed a fun evening that wasn't planned. We've found new resturaunts. Kid friendly parks. Festivals. There is also a great feature that lets you leave notes at places for friends. How cool to be able to leave a little note for my husband that he can read when he gets to work. OR, leaving a note to REMEMBER to get toothpaste at your local grocery store. Next time you are there it will remind you about that STINKIN toothpaste (and yes right now my kids are out of toothpaste).

Did I mention that you can get deals??? Oh yes, check in to places and you might get 10% off, a free coffee, a t-shirt, heck people have even won iPads, bikes, trips, and more. (Who doesn't love free stuff??) OH and DISNEY loves Gowalla too.

Gowalla is like a social travel guide, and it syncs up to your facebook and twitter so GO SHARE where you are and what you are doing. (If you don't want to share it then just don't click share and it stays private.)

HERE is a SUPER cute video showing a fun day using Gowalla in Austin, TX.

Where Will You Go? from Josh Williams on Vimeo.


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