Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW recap

Meeting Jen with her kids: This is how most people see me, since I usually have all 4 kids running around me at all times. I try my hardest to act like I have my head on straight, but many times that is just not the case. 4 kids can be pretty hard to do. I can’t imagine doing anything else, but it is hard sometimes. So when you do find a moment to catch my attention it’s probably going to be a Jen who is a little frazzled and distracted. I will have make up on, but I only had about 5 minutes to apply it so it might be a mess. My hair is most likely in a ponytail. And it’s a good day when I don’t have spit up or snot on my shirt. I’m a Mom and you’ll realize that VERY quickly. I might be a little shy or quiet because I’m still learning this Mom-thing and to be honest I’m a little self-conscious.

Meeting Jen without her kids: WOW this does not happen often, so take advantage of it people. Because quick frankly Jen without her kids is a freaking HOOT. She is confident (probably more the high of having no kids that you are seeing). She most likely took more than 10 minutes to get ready so she’s pretty hot. And might even have a cute outfit on. She’s witty and fun and very friendly.

Last week Jen without her kids made an appearance. She hasn’t been out in a long time. Actually not since the Gowalla Christmas party in early December for a few hours. But last weekend she was out quite a bit. You see SXSW was this last week and it was a crazy week of fun, work, and no sleep. Adam’s parents came to town to help watch the kiddos while Adam worked his butt off and I did the same. (It also gave us some time to go downtown, to concerts, go to the Gowalla party, and hang out with friends) And it was good “practice” for everyone since the grandparents would be watching the kiddos while Adam and I went to New York the next week. SXSW starts off with a bang because the beginning of SXSW is called Interactive. Since Gowalla is such a big player in that world, all Gowalla employees and family are hard at work. This year was different and fun in a new way because Gowalla had a super sweet, super hot, super cool AIRSTREAM all Gowalla-fied. We had the beauty set up right downtown by the convention center for all the geeks and later the music and movie lovers to come visit and experience all the things Gowalla has to offer.

I worked at the airstream for 3 days in a row, while Adam made sure everything in Gowalla-land stayed up and running smoothly and fast-ly. I met with Gowalla fans. Introduced people to Gowalla for the first time and took lot’s of photos. We had a deal that if you checked in to the Gowalla Airstream you got a super cool t-shirt, a free taco, and even a sweet leaf tea. It was fun meeting everyone and working alongside some fun coworkers.

I also got to go to the Gowalla party and had a great time dancing to Matt and Kim and eating at 4:00am at a cool (and expensive) little diner downtown. Another couple nights I went out and had some great food, danced, and hung out with Adam and other good friends.

It was so much fun and made me look forward to seeing Jen without kids more often. I realized that I don’t let her get out much. So little in fact that it took a while to find her the first time I went out. Which is pretty sad because she is the woman my husband fell in love with and to be honest is a pretty fun chick. We do plan on having more nights when Jen without kids and Adam without kids go out together. And I’m also going to work on getting Jen with kids a little bit more confident and not so scared or worried all the time.

Have you ever met either Jens, if so which one?

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Anonymous said...

Yep. I know both those Jennifers.. and the baby Jen, the toddler Jen, the grade school Jen, the 'tween Jen, the teenager Jen, the graduate Jen, the college student Jen, the I'm in love and getting married Jen, the wife Jen, the new mom Jen, the brillant, fabulous, Christ-loving, amazing Jen, who has blessed our family since she was the day-old, just born Jen!
Love you niece,

Amy said...

i know the jen without her kids, but that's been a while:-)
I'd love to meet the jen with kids! i'm sure she's great!
coming to oregon soon???

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