Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York State of Mind

Things I learned from our trip to NYC....

1) New York City has the best PICKLES ever. No idea why and no idea why they are so good.

2) New Yorkers are as wimpy about cold weather as I am. And I do admit that I am a wimp about cold weather. I walked the streets in a ski coat, scarf, knee high wool socks, gloves, and a hat. I was still freezing. Adam was usually in a t-shirt and coat. New Yorkers were dressed like me, no one was dressed like Adam.

3) People do NOT dress up for Broadway shows. No one except Adam and me. (very embarrassing)

4) New York City has interesting smells. One mintue your walking down the street and smelling delcious fresh bagels, roasted peanuts, pizza. The next block all of a sudden you get a whif of death or puke. It was weird. Especially after miles and miles of good to bad to good smells.

5) Everyone does honk in New York. And we've decided no one has any idea why. (I would never drive in New York City) I've also concluded that no one knows how a crosswalk works that includes walkers and drivers. I almost saw 4 people get hit by cars. #crazy

6) New York City is Carbohydrate heaven. Bagels, cupcakes, fresh bread, cake, cookies, churrios, pizza, pasta, etc. It was delicious! (And I will pay for this week at the gym)

7) Everything in New York is straight up. We went to the movies twice and both times we traveled straight up to the theaters. One time we went up 5 escalators and the other time 7!!! It was crazy and made me wonder what would happen if there was a fire alarm?

8) I want to speak another language and New York gave me the bug. Everyone there was speaking something other than English and most times had me paranoid that they were talking about ME!!! Hmmmm which language would you learn?

9) I only saw about 20 kids the whole time we were in New York. New York is not a kid friendly town and that did make it easy for me to not think the whole time "Oh I wish the kids were here."

10) In conclusion, I loved visiting New York. But I couldn't make it my home in this stage of life. Have you visited New York, what was your favorite part?

My New York Trip Favorites:

1) Spending time with my Adam.
2) Meeting Annie and seeing Andy again. Good company, good conversation, and good drink/food.
3) Seeing Broadway and the musical Memphis. (I'm officially hooked can't wait to see another musical live)
4) Seeing the City on top of the Empire State Building at night and during the day on top of The Rock.
5) Spending time exploring a new place with my Adam.

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