Friday, March 25, 2011

New York: Day 4

Today was our last full day/night in New York. Which means I get to see my babies tomorrow. (I'm so excited about that) So we headed out to the last couple of touristy spots. We headed down to the tip of the island to see Lady Liberty and visit Ellis Island.

It was the first day that we witnessed TOURIST crazyness. And the first time we stood in line all week. And man did we stand in line. 40 minutes to buy tickets. Then another 40 minutes to get on the ferry. It was cold again, but clear and beautiful.

On the ferry towards the islands

So cold on top of the ferry, because we had get to "best shot" of the pretty Lady.

And here she is.....

Inside the building at Ellis Island
Looking up information about immigrant families on the registry.

We headed to Ground Zero next. You couldn't help but remember that day. Where were you?
Incredible seeing the new towers already being built.

It was our last night in NYC and we could have gone anywhere. But we grabbed a quick bit at the diner next to our Hotel. (It is good) And took off to see the movie Sucker Punch. Funny because this is exactly what we both wanted to do. We love going to the movies. And it was on the IMAX and opening night. It reminded us of the "early days" over 8 years ago. We went to the movies every weekend. I know that we will be judged for this decision. That we should have gone to some fancy NY restaurant, but at the end of the day that is just not us. And we had a blast.

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Priceless said...

we saw a movie when we were there, too:)!!! also, felt a little guilty, but it was fun. however, it was 6 years ago and in nyc, the movie was $10 each and we just couldn't believe it. now, that's what it is everywhere:)

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