Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryce

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little man, Bryce! I can't believe that it has been two years already. You have been such a blessing to our little family. Such a kind heart, loving attitude, and a sense of humor sometimes only you and your brother understand. Everyday you bless me with your snuggles and loves, what a Mama's boy! Your sweet, calm, and sometimes sneaky spirit brings joy to our family each day! I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you. We love you Bryce!!!

A perfect example of your sense of humor! You broke these sunglasses and then quietly put them on, soon after you had the whole house laughing and giggling!
Parties and being the center of attention might not be your thing, but man you loved the cake!
Such a sweet, calm, and quiet baby you were. Mom loved snuggling with you ever since day 1.


Anonymous said...

what a blessing you and your Bryce are to Papa & Shanni so far away but through your blogs so close in our hearts and minds,,
Happy birthday our special little lover Bryce

Christin Jones said...

Happy belated birthday Bryce, Brock loves being your friend!!!

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