Sunday, May 31, 2009

ooooh the pool's open!

We LOVE IT when the weather gets hot enough and the pools in our neighborhood opens. The McManus family packs up a cooler filled with lot's of food and drinks, all our pool stuff, and spends the whole mid-morning to nap time at the pool. I especially love it because I'm pregnant, and I get to be in the water or veg out on a lounge chair the whole time. :) Enjoy the pics and be prepared for more and more as the summer continues!
The newest pool opened and it has a terrific splash pool plus a huge family pool. The boys have a blast in the splash pool and I get to sit back and observe from the above mentioned lounge chairs. Yippppeeee



EastCoastLove said...

What great pictures... :)

Anonymous said...

yea ! ! for the pool !
wish we were there splashing with yah..


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