Monday, May 18, 2009

Our New Adventure

This last year, I have had some great God moments where I found myself giving up what I wanted or thought I needed. I have boasted over and over again that I want God's best in my life and for my family. During this last year, I have had to give up my ideas of what was best and sit back and watch God's perfect plan unfold. It has been wonderful to see the different ways God has taken care of me and my family; a new baby girl, an awesome ministry opportunity, and Adam's new job. Little did I know that those were all little things, ultimately preparing me for the biggest change of all. The question is, am I ready to once again put my trust in God's plan and sit back and wait for God's best? After some selfish tears and voiced frustrations, I can proudly say "yes!" So here's our new adventure.......moving to Austin, TX. Alamofire, the company Adam works for, is taking the next big step in the social-networking/gaming/digital collectibles world (don't ask me what that means) and moving to the big interweb city of Austin. This is very exciting for the company and shows how much quality work the guys and gal have put in this last year. But, that means we're packing up and leaving all that we know here in Keller. It is scary and stressful (selling a house while pregnant or with a newborn..yikes), but I know God already has every detail planned and that it is perfect! So, the last couple of weeks we have been breaking the news to friends, dejunking the house, and preparing for showing after showing.
The pile of stuff we donated to a local orphanage. I have now decided that every year I am going to pretend that we are moving. It felt so great to purge all that stuff.
The pictures of our house! Time to sit back and wait on God's perfect timing. I will have to remind myself before every showing (while I am making sure the house looks perfect) that God is never late or early, but always ON TIME!

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