Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebration Weekend

What a fun week and weekend we had! We got to celebrate Bryce's b-day and Mother's Day! On Bryce's B-day we had a fun family night; eating dinner and having our family party. Bryce got Duplo Lego blocks and LOVES THEM. We have been playing with them everyday since.
On Friday night we had Bryce's birthday party and invited all our friends over. We enjoyed an evening filled with dinner, bubbles, presents, and Costco cupcakes! Bryce did a great job, he got nervous when he realized everyone was looking at him during present time. And dug himself into my neck when we sang Happy Birthday, but he never cried.

Having fun with our friends on the trampoline.

Bryce loves bubbles and played with his special jumbo bubble wand all night long. Even now looking at the picture his reaction is a pouty face and a pathetic "bubble bye-bye!"
On Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day and went to our family's favorite place; The Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was perfect and the animals were out and about. We even got to ride the train!! That evening Adam took me to see Star Trek, I grew up a trekkie and loved the movie.

What a great WEEK!

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Dustin Jones said...

We were meant to be friends, Dustin took me to see Wolverine for mother's day. How many people do you know want to see a movie about comics or sci fi? Dustin calls me a closet Geek, he knows that if I truly begin to embrace that side all is lost.

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