Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drug cocktails, Fever Fun, & Praising God. Chemo Days 2 & 3

Night one the drugs worked quickly. At about 4:45pm I was in the fetal position on the couch. The fever came on quickly as did the nausea. I had body aches, chills, and overall just felt gross.

At about 3am my fever broke and I slept great. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling great. I even went for a run/jog. I am not a fast runner so it feels weird calling it a "run".

Chemo Day 2 was similar. I'm starting to get used to the chemo room. The moments when I lock eyes with other patients are not feeling as uncomfortable as they did day 1. I feel like I'm part of the "club" now. I can still feel the looks and hear the whispers since I am the youngest by far getting treatment. And it still seems a little surreal that I am even here. I had a good talk with my nurses and pharmacists and they "cooked" me up some anti-nausea meds in my IV. This new "cocktail" will be added to the growing number of drugs on my IV tree stand.

Night 2 was tricky. I went to church that evening. It's a special service to me because we spend time worshiping, watching baptisms, take communion, and pray together. I'm so glad that I went. Even though I had fever the whole time, it was so sweet to worship and take communion with sweet friends. It was especially wonderful to get to cheer on 9 people who were baptized. How refreshing it was hearing story after story of God's grace and mercy. Many of the testimonies were filled with stories of men and women who spent years "trying" to be good and earn their way to heaven. In the end they all realized that that is an impossible and frustrating road, and that God never asked us to do such a thing. That His grace, love, forgiveness, and mercy is a free gift from a Father to his children. What a great reminder for me.

By the time I got home, my fever was worse, body aches and chills were horrible, and I had a headache that was killing me. I took all the meds I could and curled up on the couch. I slept ok, but my fever never broke. Wednesday morning I could not and did not go for a run.

I'm back in the chemo room, getting day 3 drugs. I had a good talk with my nurse and doctor team and they have decided to put me on pain medications at night. This will help with the body aches, chills, and my fever. The anti-nausea cocktail is here to stay and hopefully tonight will be better.

On a super good note: My Mommy comes in today for a week and a half. Very excited to have her back in town.

Thanks for all the love and prayers. I feel all of them!


Amy said...

oh, jenn, i wish i could be there to bring you dinner, give you a hug and let your kids hang out with mine!!

so glad your mom is on her way.

praying for you!

Anonymous said...

A Mom is the best medicine...enjoy your time with her by letting her love on you. Praying daily.

Tigard Nana said...

Please know that we are praying for you. Your attitude is inspiring - I love to see what a strong and faithful woman you have become.

Anonymous is right - just let Mom take care of you and love you. Oh, and while she's there, have her scrub a few floors :).

I know you'll get through this difficult time just fine - remember, I saw you fall off a high deck, ending up with a broken arm and you were tough as nails!
Love you - Judy

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