Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look at what I "learnded" this week!

Matthew 16:25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.

This last year; we moved To Austin when we sooo didn't want to, been blessed with a huge house that we can't fill so we choose to bless others by letting a random dude come live with us for free, and we've began fostering hurt babies (and will eventually adopt through the foster care system). I MEAN REALLY, who does that???

And to be honest if you had told me about this life I'm living a year ago I would have laughed in your face. BUT I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. And get this I'm actually looking forward to the next crazy adventure God calls us to next. And I guess that is what I'm learning this week. That every time you give something up to God whether it be you finances, career, house, family, freedom, dreams, passions whatever it is He uses them in a way you never thought He would and it leaves you ready and WILLING to give something else up to Him. I know it sounds crazy and you're thinking "yeah right", but that is how it's been with me. The more I give up or lose the more I'm blessed and the more I'm looking for more to give to Him.

The greatest part is that I'm not looking to give God things to please Him or so I get a better mansion in heaven (that's not how it works? No, Huh weird). I'm finding more things to give to God and losing them because I've actually begun to believe that that is how God wants us to live. (Remember that verse, Jesus actually SAID those words) You see it's so freeing not having to care about you finances, your house looking perfect, your kids acting better then other people's kids, your future, your whatever. It's freeing to just love people and find ways to talk about Jesus. It's freeing remembering that the time we live here on earth, will be seconds compared to eternity spent in heaven. It's freeing to get to a place when you feel like you're not just living life to just live it and are actually doing something that will help others and giving them hope that could eventually lead them to Christ.

That's it. Simple right? Yeah no not at all. It's hard to give up and lose things, cause well our flesh LOVES them. I battle with my selfish flesh everyday, and that is what I'm working on this week. Saying no to my selfish flesh and yes to Jesus. FREAKIN HARD I know!!

See ya all next week........

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