Monday, June 14, 2010

Adoption Journey: Waiting for our license

We are officially just WAITING AGAIN! This time we are waiting for a little piece of paper from the state of Texas saying we are certified foster parents. It could be any day now and then guess what???? WE WAIT SOME MORE. I'm actually in a good place right now, probably because I've had a lot of practice waiting on God.

And the waiting in this journey is only gonna get harder.

Waiting on a placement
Waiting on finding out if this little girl or boy will be going up for adoption (this can take over a year)
Waiting on a court hearing
Waiting on a judge decision

If you know ANYTHING about me you know that I like things my way, so this journey is going to be SUPER hard for me. During the training and certification wait I have poured myself into the Word and a couple of books that have reminded me that I need to continue to trust that God is in control and my job is to love and glorify Him. This journey is not about me, but about loving a little boy or girl no matter how long they are a part of our family. This journey is about showing others that because God loved us we can open our home and hearts to love a child like a son or daughter. Even if that son or daughter did not become a part of our family a traditional way.

Pray for us:

Continue to pray for our family as we take steps closer to welcoming a new member to it
Pray for the little boy or girl God has already chosen to be placed with us
Pray for his/her family
Pray for the state system and that our journey is as smooth as possible


Anonymous said...

God has such great plans for you and your beautiful family..
You continue to inspire your old dad with your faith in action..
I love you all very much

Amy said...

The waiting IS hard!!
Hang in there . . . it's way worth it!
Praying for you all!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

We are adopting from Ethiopia and I have to remind myself almost daily that this is GOD'S adoption, not mine!! If things are being held up, they aren't. It is taking just as long as it is supposed to take for my child to come home.

Some days it works better than others ;)

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