Saturday, June 26, 2010

While Daddy is away....

Adam was out of town all week for a conference. So here's some of my thoughts on single mom hood and my week over all.

1) Single Moms are super hero's

2) My strategy for the week was distraction! I always had something planned so that kids never got bored and I never felt overwhelmed. We filled our week with VBS, karate, evening at the pool, chick-fil-a, movies, McDonald's, a picinic, and surprises.

3) VBS was awesome. The boys had a blast and they each had friends in their class. I got 1 not-so-great report on Monday because Bryce wanted to play and didn't understand the VBS schedule. He firgured it out by day 2 and did great the rest of the week even though he was the youngest in his class.

4) Alexis got robbed. Poor little sister got no morning naps this week, unless you count a 5-10 minute one here and there while I drove around. By the time I was done with the gym each day we had a hour to kill and then had to get the boys, she did great considering she was probably exhausted. (ah the life of the baby)

5) My boys are growing up. Karate this week made me so proud, my Con-man is rocking it and I love watching him enjoy something so much. Bryce is really coming out of his shell (Last year at this time I was afraid that he'd never talk and he was really REALLY shy) He is a little clown, which gets him in trouble sometimes. On Thursday night the boys had a VBS program and each had to stand up on the stage and sing a song. Bryce stood up in the very front and sang and laughed and did the motions. (It did help that Eva was there with him)

6) McDonalds: I HATE IT! But my boys have been asking for those stinkin Shrek watches for weeks now. So I made a deal and told them if they were my good helpers all week that I'd take them to McDonalds. YUCK! They were so excited though.

7) I DID NOT VACCUUM EVERYDAY! Yup you heard me right. I was just too tired and only vaccuumed every other day. I never mopped the kitchen either. So there to all my friends who make fun of me!!!

8) We missed our Daddy and are VERY glad he is home.

Here are some pics from the week. I didn't do great remembering to take pictures all the time, but I got a few great shots.

My Karate Kid. Here he is practicing his roundhouse kick. Stay tuned for video soon!

VBS, Here we come!

Connor is showing off one of his surprises, shaped colored rubber bands. Yes that sounds lame! BUT they are the new COOL thing. And my son being all cool HAD to have some. I spotted them while out running errands so I surprised him. We made a deal that everytime he shared one and gave it away to a friend he got a new one. Everyday he came home excited that he had made new friends with his "friend braclets". That made me feel better since I spend $3 on those stupid rubber bands. (Dude the guy that invented those is a freakin millionaire now)

I moved Alexis into her forward facing car seat this week. She was so excited (this picture might not show it, cause well she is exhausted). I decided to do it after pulling her out of the rear facing one and discovering that she was soaking wet from sweat. She gets little to NO air conditioning in the rear facing one and I felt soo sorry for her. So she's riding like a big kid now and loving it!

Here's Bryce and Eva stealing the show at the VBS program. They were such little hams and had the whole crowd crackin' up.

Connor singing his song and actually doing the motions. A lot of the times Connor is TOO cool to do motions, but it helped that the teens were doing it too.

Bryce and Connor with their teachers from the week. It really was a fantastic VBS.

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