Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Alexis

Today my baby turns 1 and I'm in shock. Has it really been a year since that day you decided to surprise us all and come almost a MONTH early?! You were so tiny. Those first days while you chilled in the NICU were hard on your Mommy. But then you came home and have blessed this family ever since. I know every parent says this, but seriously you were an easy baby. You were so chill and relaxed. It took you a long time to learn how to cry and even when you did you really didn't. You were and still are absolutely a Mommy's girl (and I love that) and are always content just being held by Mommy. You were a good little traveler and went on many adventures: Oregon, Austin, zoo trips, moving, San Antonio, etc... I love how much your brothers love you and love watching them trying to teach you new things. You are holding out on walking and I think it's because you love it when Connor picks you up. You hate it when Bryce tries to pick you up and that makes me giggle. You have already learned how to smack him away. Some of my favorite moments are the ones you spend with your Daddy. You melt his heart and put a sweet sparkle in his eyes. I can't wait to see that special relationship grow. Then there's those sweet moments I get with you. You love your Mommy very much and sometimes I think you cry JUST because you know that I will come (you even try to do it at night every once and awhile so I'll come get you and rock you. You are sneaky)!!! You have not started walking but could do it if you just tried. You can stand up by yourself and sit down without falling, but no walking. Instead you've decided that walking on your knees works just fine. That's how you dance too. You get up on your knees and kind of hop up and down. It's hilarious. You are still SMALL. You could start sitting forward facing in a carseat, but you haven't outgrown your little infant car seat yet, which is weird considering your brothers did at 6 months. Daddy thinks you look like a little elf. He's right you do!
We love you Alexis and are so blessed to have you in our lives. I can't wait to continue watching you grow up, it has been such a fun year full or pink, bows, dresses, and sweet little girl giggles!!
That is a VERY Alexis face. And I love it. (very elf like huh?)
Giggling on the floor.

Here you are a year ago in your little tiny preemie dress:



Courtney said...

Happy birthday, "Calexis!" We love you!

Anonymous said...

Perfect Blog, will bring years and years of blessed memories for all of us,,
Thank you for your heart..
Happy Birthday My Love Alexis


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gigi's Lexie. I am so happy to have you in my life and heart. You bring such joy to all of us and I love you so very very much. Give those brothers heck!! They will love you always too.
Thank you Adam and Jenn for such wonderful grandchildren... I love you all so much.

mommykoo said...

happy birthday! love the pictures. =)

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