Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I miss my foster babies....

I have been doing chemo since August and it's still not going great. Not that chemo should go great, but I thought by now my body would start doing better. It's not. I'm still having some pretty nasty side affects. So last night I decided to cheer myself up and sat here and looked through pics of my kids. (Please tell me you do this too)

I came across pics from last Halloween, and it made me tear up. There was my sweet little J-man smiling back at me. I miss that sweet baby boy. (For those who are new to our story, J-man was our foster son for 7 months) We haven't had any foster babies in our house since the end of July and that makes me very sad. J-man was the sweetest baby with a smile that could brighten everyone's day. Which got me thinking. This is one reason why I fight the way that I do.

You see we aren't fostering while I'm doing treatments, it is just not a good idea. But we will foster again (and maybe eventually adopt) and it gives me something to fight for when this cancer journey gets hard.

And his smile cheered me up.

Maybe you need something to bring a smile to your face today, and J-man can do that. I'm sorry that we can't show his face, but it is the rule.
These two were so adorable. We called them "our twins" and they LOVED each other so much.
Bryce and J-man
Teaching J-man how to walk.
My Dad was J-man's favorite person in the whole world. They were such buddies.

Did it work? Are you smiling now?


Sandi B. said...

Always love your posts! You inspire me sweet friend. Love you. Hang on - keep being strong!

K said...

I've been following you on Twitter. I admire your strength, passion for your babies - all of them. I am praying that chemo gets better for your and for total restoration to health. (We met very briefly at T4A 2011 at one of the foster care sessions).

Amanda S. said...

I always smile when I see those babies faces. Miss J-Man and Little M.

Niki said...

Your continual optimism and strength is so inspiring! And your babies are so cute!!


Cynthia said...

I miss J-man too! This made me smile!!

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