Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye Bye Binky

The second year is a big year in the McManus house. It's the year my babies become NOT BABIES! And it is breaking me up. Because I am NOT ready for my baby girl to NOT be a baby anymore.

At the same time, I'm very excited for my little girl and how big she is getting. This week was another big step toward "little girl-hood" for her. She is now sleeping in a big girl bed. She is going on the potty. And now this week, she gave up her BINKY.

This is a big deal in our house. My babies LOVE binkys. I have no idea why, but they all have. When McManus babies turn 1 they can only have their binkys when it is nighttime. And then at 2 and 1/2 it is time to say bye bye binky.

We teach our babies that they need to "give" their binkys away to another baby. That now they are big boys or girls and that another little baby needs their binkys. We have our kiddos decorate a box or a bag, put their binkys in it, and put it in the mailbox. Later the bag or box is gone and we explain that it has been sent to a baby.

My kids have done great with this. They are proud of giving their binkys away and excited that they did it all by themselves. I love it, because I am not the bad guy who took their precious binky away. And we don't really have a hard time with them after they give the binkys away, because they are the ones who did it. They know that the binky is gone and so we don't really have big problems.

Alexis was such a trooper and was very proud of becoming a big girl. She slept perfect last night. (naptime she had a little bit of a hard time, but I expected that) And tonight she went to bed again with no problems. I'm very proud, but a little sad that my baby girl is growing up.
Very excited about the bag she decorated.
Putting the binky in the mailbox. Bryce was a good big brother and helped her every step of the way.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea! Best idea I've heard about this subject. Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to share this to all my mom friends. Thank you for sharing!

Jen McManus said...

It sounds silly, but we have done it with all three of our kiddos and it TOTALLY works. It's their decision (we encourage them A LOT) and they seem proud to be saying goodbye to the baby binky. And I forgot to add that they all got a little "big girl or boy" toy after they give the binky away.

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