Friday, July 1, 2011

Let the Chemo begin.....

Adam and I met with my oncologist this week and talked about options.

Here is the low down:

1) I begin chemo August 1st. I will go in and get an IV injection EVERYDAY for 4 weeks (I get the weekends off).

2) After the 4 weeks we will begin my 11 month treatment schedule. I will get to give myself injections 3X a week. Probably a Monday, Wednesday, Friday kind of schedule.

3) We have NO IDEA how my body will respond to these treatments. We talked with the doctor and heard EVERY POSSIBILITY. I could do great the whole time and just be kind of sick. I could do horrible the whole time and never get out of bed. I might be great for weeks or months and then hit a wall and react badly. I might do horrible at first and then do better the longer I am on treatment. I could lose all of my hair, maybe just some, or maybe just maybe none. I could throw up everyday. I could have a temperature everyday or only at nights or not at all. I might get body aches, chills, and not want to move or I MIGHT be at the gym everyday (that WILL HAPPEN) I might have a hard time doing anything or maybe life will be able to continue as usual. I could be a little loopy on the drugs or A LOT loopy. (Adam laughed at that part) My white blood cells might do great and keep me strong or they might drop and we will have to do other therapy to get them back up. My liver might show signs of failing or it might rock it out! My body could completely shut down and we will have to talk about other options. My arm might fall off.....oh ok that is not true, but that is how I felt after going over everything with the doctor.

4) I just said "might" 10 times and "could" 6 times. There will be A LOT of mights and coulds and what if's this year. I will WANT to quit. I will WANT to throw in the towel and give up. The doctor told us that a lot of people do. I will NEED your prayers!!!!

5) "We will cross bridges when we get to them." My doctor will not talk about many what if's with us until we HAVE to. He doesn't want us overwhelmed. My focus needs to ONLY be on staying strong and healthy. If something happens "bad" then we will cross that bridge. There are lot's of medications, therapies, and other options if my body reacts badly to something. We will cross those bridges if we need to. I like that my doctor thinks this way, because Adam and I do as well. We are going to take each day one at a time. If I have a bad day then it is just that ONE bad day.

Well that's it for now. We feel good and ready to get on with this journey. We know, trust, and believe that Jesus is with us through this all. I'm not mad or sad, I am great actually. I am blessed and loved and happy to be ALIVE! This could be a hard year we know that, but we also KNOW that our God is faithful, good, and powerful and that what ever happens it is His perfect plan! (One day I will write about my journey and I how my faith has changed throughout the years, because I HAVE had trouble in the past with "bad things happening to good people" (good people being ME.)) My prayer is that at the end of the day, God uses my story to glorify His name. I pray that this cancer journey will show others that there is HOPE EVERLASTING even when you are battling to live. That whatever happens God is good, no GREAT!

Have any questions? I will try to answer all of them.......


ElijahAntonia said...

Hey Jenn,
Was just reading this and Zechariah 4:6 came to mind for #4: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts." His "might" is so much greater than ours....when your strength fails, when you want to quit, His grace will be sufficient for you, His power will be made perfect in your weakness. I pray that you will be reminded every moment to hope in the gospel--Jesus paid the price for you, and how much more will he supply everything that you need in times of suffering (Romans 8:32). So glad to see your great attitude in all of awesome. Anyway, praying praying for you & your fam. Love ya girl.

Sandi Boudreau said...

Wow, your honesty and attitude is just so beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to keep your friends and family 100% updated!!! I love that. If there's anything I can do from afar, please let me know... Wish I could be closer. Much love!

Gretchen Ricker said...

Hi Jen;
I am new to your blog and situation. I am just sitting here poking around on twitter and checking out blogs while hubby watches TV. Finding your blog was a real wake up call for me. I will follow you and pray for you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your story with people outside your comfort zone. You are a trooper. I know that doesn't always help to hear but when your courage and strength falters, know there are folks out here who will lift you up.


Cynthia said...

We are praying for you, and are here to help in ANY WAY YOU NEED IT! We live South and can be there in 5 minutes if you need us.

Email me if you need

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny-Penny,
You are awesome!And better yet, we have an AWESOME GOD!!! So thankful for your faith in Christ. Remember, He created you...knit you together in your mother's womb...He knows your body better than any human, and can heal better than any medicine. We are so fortunate to have Him working alongside our doctors to bring about complete healing, which is our fervent prayer. Love you tons and gobs!
Love, Shell-bell

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