Friday, June 24, 2011

Back HOME and some good news

I am not going to lie I was pretty down during/after the hospital craziness. Surgery was WAY more complicated than we had hoped. Because of losing all my lymph nodes, I got an infection in my leg. I haven't even started the "hardest" part of this cancer journey, and I just felt sad.

But GOOD NEWS!!! I got "released" from prision...ummm....I mean the hospital on Monday. (Sorry it took so long to update, but we have been battling days filled with junk from CPS, court, and Little M's biological family. For those who are new to following me, we are a foster family and have a little baby girl with us right now. We can't give any details about her case, but it was not good news this week.)

I was so excited about going home. First, because I miss my family so much. And second, because the sooner I got home the better. This is what my husband was tweeting about while I was gone:

"This is what happens when is stuck at the hospital and dad is in charge."

Yes, that is my only daughter clinging to an Iron Man robot with a head of messy unkept hair. So, the first thing I did when I got home was FIX THAT!

See. Much Better.

Today, I met with my Oncology Surgeon, and it was a wonderful appointment. I have had one drain in my leg for over 3 weeks now and another for a week. I was really looking forward to getting rid of them. They are, as I am sure you can imagine, NOT VERY comfortable. I am also very much looking forward to FINALLY sleeping in my OWN bed tonight (first time in 3 and a half weeks). I am FREE of my crutches, and I can begin rehab on my leg. My doctor had to move one of my leg muscles and reattach it in another place to protect my femoral artery and nerves. So, rehabbing that muscle is what I am going to be working on the most over the next couple of weeks. If I am a "good" student, I could be back to 100% in 3 weeks. Both the doctor and I agreed that "I" could do it in two weeks. So, now it's time for some physical therapy and a little hard work.

I also get to rock these pretty sexy things for a couple more months:
Compression wear is going to be the "new" cool style, right?

Prayer Requests:

Pray that my lymphedema stays under control. I will struggle with this disease for the rest of my life, and my prayer is that I find a way to live with it with no side effects.

Pray for my physical therapy. Pray I listen and do what I need to do to get my leg back to 100%.

Pray for my appointment on Tuesday with me, Adam, and my oncologist. We will be discussing our options for my treatment (chemo, when, where, dosages, how long, etc...) and what the next year will look like realistically for me and our family.

Pray for Little M and her case. There was a major setback this week, and we are not sure what will happen next.


Amy said...

Praying for all your requests, jen!! That picture of Alexis cracks me up!! her clutching that iron man is the best . . . we have to get her and Elisabeth together - they'd have a blast!

so glad you're home. hope you are feeling better soon. hugs to you!

Adam said...

Iron Man > Rapunzel.

Momma Sadler said...

love you, love you guys, love love love. Praying diligently and intentionally.

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