Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life goes on.....Alexis' Birthday

The day after my surgery Alexis had her 2nd birthday. And since I refuse to let this cancer suck any joy out of my life, we had the usual family party. Enjoy some pics and rejoice with me as I take one moment forgetting that I have cancer.
Alexis was a slow present opener and it was hilarious watching the older boys try to "help" her. And then all the boys has to "helped" her play with her new toys.
I can not get off the couch until the Dr releases me, so I spent the party here. I also have to wear sunglasses because the drugs I am on make my eyes very dilated. (yeah basically high) So Alexis went and grabbed her sunglasses.
We had a pretty low key party. Just out of town family and some Texas family. We enjoyed some good food, playing outside in the pool and trampoline, and hanging out. She was so excited to get some "girl" toys. The Rapunzel baby doll was a hit!
It was a perfect ending to a hard week. Happy Birthday Alexis!!!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday my little Lexie... GiGi coming soon to see you all again. Can't wait til August. Sooo proud of our little 2 yr old. she is adorable and beautiful and so sweet... love that smile baby.
looks just like her momma at that age. love you all so much

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