Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas from Us

Our Christmas card and letter.....enjoy
Another year has flown by, and I can’t believe that2010 is right around the corner. Here’s what the McManus family has been up to.
U-haul moving truck, boxes, a new city, and a new house. In September, we moved to Austin, TX. It’s the tech capital of the south so Adam’s work at Alamofire ( fits in just perfectly. You have to check out their newest creation Gowalla (, a super-sweet iPhone app. We love Austin so far! Our new house is wonderful and we look forward to using it to help bless others. The love we have for all things outdoors is embraced full heartedly here. We have a forest right down the road, year round camping, parks galore, great cycling-friendly roads, family friendly restaurants, and a new church that we love ( We love having visitors to show around town, so book your vacation now at the McManus Hotel.
Sister, we have a sister! Alexis Grace was so excited to meet her big brothers that she surprised us all when she decided to arrive 4 weeks early. It is quite a story, especially the part where I drove by myself to the hospital because I thought I was just having bad back pains. She is a healthy, smiley little baby, and we are all getting used to the pink and purple explosion she brought with her. She can’t wait until she is big enough to play with her brothers and will give them a run for their money.
Talking is overrated! Or so Bryce thought. He turned 2 this year and decided to hold off on the whole talking thing. He preferred grunts, gestures, and sweet smiles. BUT all that has changed now. He is talking up a storm and sometimes gets in trouble for it late at night. His smile continues to melt everyone’s heart and we love watching him grow and mature. He loves playing any game Connor will play with him, holding his little sister, wrestling and reading his Bible with Daddy, and snuggling with Mommy!
I continue to do my best to keep everyone updated with all the awesome things our family is doing. I’ve taken my love of pictures and telling funny stories and have gone high-tech. Check out our family blog at
Nonnor (Connor Bryce-style) turned 4 in August and is thrilled that 5 is only one year away. He has embraced being the leader of the McManus kiddos. He loves teaching his brother new games even if it means a stern talking to from Mommy. His love for sports and all things boy continues, but this year he has discovered his skill in video gaming and singing. His heart for those who are hurting has continued to challenge his Mommy and Daddy and we look forward to seeing him grow more and more in his faith in God.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, Love The McManus Family

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EastCoastLove said...

Well done! Merry Christmas to you from the Kimmels :) see ya soon!

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