Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party

Last night we went to Adam's company Christmas party. And when I say "we" I mean the whole fam! How great that Adam works for a company that loves families and kids(there are 14 Alamofire kiddos 6 and under). This year we had the party at a bowling alley. At first I was a little worried. I mean a bowling alley?? Smoke, big drunk dudes, Frito pie, corn dogs, annoying teenagers, etc. BOY I WAS WRONG. This bowling alley was like the Hilton of bowling alleys. It was clean and beautiful and CLEAN. The food was fabulous! We were served a wonderful salad and pasta buffet by a super nice lady in a SUIT(Thanks Tanesha). The cheesecake bar for dessert was a highlight for me(I love me some cheesecake). We all had a great time hanging out with everyone until LATE. It was a blast! Thanks Alamofire/Gowalla.
(I forgot our camera so you have to enjoy iPhone pics)
Alexis, as always was a good baby all night (even though we were out way past her bedtime) She even got to sport her cute Christmas Pj's!!
Connor was SO excited about bowling and love it. That is until the boys(3 of them all Connor's age) discovered the arcade and played there the rest of the night. We never did give them any money, but they still had a blast "playing" the games.
Bryce had trouble getting that big heavy ball down the lane with enough speed to be able to knock over more than one pin at a time. But they had this great kid ramp that he could move around and then roll the ball off. He even got a couple strikes because of it! (I'm telling you this bowling alley was ABSOLUTELY awesome)

As the night came to a close the boys were tired enough to just play next to us, so Adam and I snuck in a quick game. Here are our two tweets after the game. (Do I have to mention that we are rather competitive?)

jenwpc: Bowled for the first time in 5 yrs against @amcmanus. Pulled a Denver Bronco and rocked the 1st half and CHOKED the 2nd. Adam: 155 Jen:143

amcmanus: Bowled for the first time in 5 yrs against @jenwpc. Let her stay close for awhile since she's uber-competitive. Adam: 155, Jen: 143

Alright I know that those are really SAD bowling scores, but like I said we haven't bowled in quite awhile. I was doing so good too and kicking Adam's butt, but lost it at the most crucial point of the game. I was totally bummed. Next time ADAM you're going down!

1 comment:

Adam said...

Talk, talk, talk. Score remains 155 to 143. You looked ridiculously hot though, so that's a win.

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