Monday, December 21, 2009

Jen's Santa Conspiracy

So this year we went and saw Santa at Cabelas. Ummm...yeah. Someone had told me the lines were non-existent, the pictures were free, and that it was awesome. They were right....kind of. We didn't have to wait in much of a line, the pictures were free, but awesome? I think not. That Santa was one of the saddest Santas I have ever seen. He had a fake, cheap beard, bad suit, camo boots and camo gloves. He barely talked and just kind of sat there. BUT, my kids loved it and even smiled for the pic. So, I should stop complaining too much (even though I just did). Our visit with ghetto Santa got me thinking. I imagined the many questions that came up on the way home, "Mom why didn't Santa talk? He didn't look right?" And, of course, the dreaded "Why is there a Santa at Cabelas and the mall and standing on the corner, how can that be?"
I already have my answer ready for that last one. I'll simply explain to my kiddos that the Santas at all the stores and malls are secert agent Santas. They work for Santa and email (times have changed and that will make sense to my kids I'm sure) the "real" Santa all the kid's gift wishes each year. They represent the big man and do their best to act, look, and be like the real Santa. Some are good at it, and some (talkin about you Cabela Santa) are not.

This got me thinking even more about the true DUDE of Christmas: Jesus. And, how we're supose to be "working" for Him. Sharing with others his words, hope, grace, forgiveness, glory, and love. Some of us are really good at it and some "not so much." So, join me for a moment and ask yourself, "How are you doing showing others Jesus' perfect love?" As you push your way through stores and hunting for parking spots, are you showing others grace, hope, love....heck a smile? How about your loved ones? Are you dreading spending time with them or looking forward to showing Jesus' perfect love and light to them? As you watch your kiddos rip through their presents are you taking a moment to remind them who the best gift of all is?

I'll be the first to admit that I want to be the best reflection of Jesus that I can and should do A LOT better. So this year I want to be different. Here are some of the ways I'm going to work on it.

*Invite someone over to dinner at least once a week. (neighbors, couples at church, co-workers, etc)

*Open the extra room in our house to someone who needs a little help

*Make a point to talk and invest in new friends at the gym

*Start a stay-at-home playdate with Mom's from my nieghborhood

*Whenever I shop at Target, look for "Mrs. Kay" (even though she is one of the slowest check-out ladies) and talk to her while she checks me out. I've had at least 3 good talks so far.

*Smile and really talk to those who are serving me; waiters, check-out and grocery baggers, childcare workers at the gym, nursery volunteers at church

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Amy said...

LOVE seeing that twitter picture of you, alexis and your mom. tell her hi for me:-) have fun!!

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