Sunday, September 13, 2009

"What will life be like without the McManus'-Party?"

On Saturday night, the Minters threw us a going away party(To read our two families story see the post below). It was so awesome getting a last chance to say goodbye to everyone.
My favorite newlywed Susan Kimmel. She is one of the youth pastors at Northwood, and one of my best friends. (more to come on that story)
Meet "Cynthia" an ugly little girl that stopped by briefly. Avery has Connor wrapped around her finger.
Kati Dukes and her little man: Gabe. The Dukes attend our small group on Sunday nights and have been our friends for a couple of years.
Alexis is such a party animal.
The 4 crazy kids who decided to have peanut butter sandwiches over pizza. Bryce, Elliana, Connor, and Avery
The boys! Adam, Justin, Brent, and Jon
Amanda and her little man; Reed. Amanda and Justin Sadler have been such great friends to Adam and me. We can sit around and talk about nothing until 3am and have many times. Justin and Adam are like little clones and have a very serious "bromance", it is really cute. They have a special place in my heart and always will for two big reasons; 1 they made us laugh and reminded us that life goes on after we had a miscarriage(what a crazy night!). 2 were one phone call away when we needed help when Alexis decided to come too early. We will see you in a month or so. Go Longhorns!
How do you get all the kiddos to be quiet long enough for the adults to have a good prayer time? Put in a video silly! :D Our friends ended the evening perfectly by praying over us, such a precious memory.

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EastCoastLove said...

It was a fun night...sorry we cut it short..we love you guys! you got me nervous saying(there is more to come of that story) haha :) luv ya gurl

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