Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving Days

Hello Blog World!
I'm slowly coming out of the fog of moving! Since last Tuesday I have been so busy that I rarely ate, slept, or had enough brain power to even remember what day it was. BUT it was all worth it. We are in our new house and almost every box is unpacked and most everything is put into place. (I still have the garage junk to unpack) Here is a little recap of the last week and where we have been....
Tuesday: The packers arrived and literally touched every single thing that I owned and threw it all into boxes. It was hard for me to sit there and just watch. Adam actually kicked me out, so we spent the morning with the Minters.
Wednesday: The movers came and loaded everything on a huge moving truck. Adam took the boys to the zoo one more time. Alexis and I stayed back and hung out with the movers and painted Bryce's room. I had a great time hanging out with them and playing Mom. I got them snacks, joked with them, and tried my hardest to show a little Jesus. Wednesday afternoon Chris and Maria let us crash at their place. The boys, Alexis, and even I got a little nap (TERRIFIC). That night we went to Twisted Root with Chris/Maria/Olivia and Erik/Megan who have been our friends since Huntsville, AL(7 years!). We slept over that night! The older boys got to play video games one last time. And the ladies came back to the house(late that night) and helped paint Connor's room and clean.
Connor, Bryce, and Olivia
Thursday: That morning I woke up early and headed to Home Depot because I ran out of paint the night before. I finished painting Connor's room and cleaning. (Was it bad that I was already tired, probably!) We had lunch and meet up with Adam's Mom and started the drive to Austin. PRAISE THE LORD because all of the kiddos actually slept at one point. We stopped at Ikea to pick up some dressers for the boys and to look at blinds. We got to our awesome hotel suite late that night and crashed.
Friday: Adam, Alexis, and I took off for our final walk through and closing. And Adam's Mom stayed back and played with the boys. It was a great day because we bought our awesome house, but after a bad google search and wrong directions it took us WAY too long to get everything done. We met Adam's Dad back at the house because he had driven the 3 dogs down and hung out.
Saturday: The movers arrived and unloaded the truck. I began unpacking and haven't stopped since then.
The boys were such little troopers and kept reminding me that this was just one huge adventure full of smiles!
Sunday: Went to church, hung more blinds, and more unpacking. We all took a break in the evening went to dinner and saw the famous Austin bats take flight on Congress bridge.
127 boxes unpacked! All the big boxes are full of paper and on the right is the pile of all the broken down boxes.
Organizing and more organizing (I secretly loved every second!)
WOW what a week huh?

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mommykoo said...

127 boxes unpacked?!??! that's awesome. you need to pass down some skillz over. got a good book i can read or website to get tips from for organizing?? LOL

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