Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a week!

Another busy week for the McManus family. We have been enjoying the spring weather every chance we get and pouting every time springtime storms blow through. I have started working at church this week writing curriculum for the upcoming published TKids program and summer Sport's Camp. Yes I have been writing both for years, but with 2 older boys and 1 on the way I needed office time to get the work done so I am now a contracted hire.
Adam's boss and good friend Josh got the boys Lance Armstrong chalk and we enjoyed drawing with them for quite a while. Who knew yellow chalk could be so fun and SO MESSY!
My two big boys dressed for spring! So Handsome!
Spring is in the air and that means family work day in the yard. We all worked together pulling weeds and cleaning up the yard. The boys had a great time finding all kinds of bugs and soaking up the sun!

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