Thursday, March 19, 2009

While Adam was away....

Adam went to Austin for six days for work. That meant I was alone with the boys the whole time, did I mention that I am pregnant too. :D It was a long haul, but we made it. I have a new admiration for single parents, wow it is hard to do by yourself day in and day out. I was so glad to have Adam back home and to hear that the trip was a complete success. Alamofire's new iPhone game was launched and has already won it's first big time award. All the hard work is paying off. Here are some pics to enjoy.

I thought it would be fun to try baking with the boys. Umm yeah they had a blast for about 5 minutes and then was done! I on the other hand spent the next 30 minutes finishing the muffins and cleaning up the mess. Oh well at least I tried.

Sundays are always our hardest day. We get up go to church, come home eat lunch, take a nap, get up and go back to church. The boys didn't eat the dinner I packed them at church that evening, so when we got home instead of cooking I made cereal and protein shakes. Connor asked if we could have this dinner every night. LOL
The weather was horrible the first two days Adam was gone. That did not make me happy, because I was on around the clock dog control too, did I mention we have 3 huge dogs. It was a muddy couple of days. Luckily the clouds parted and the hot weather followed, we spent as much time as possible outside!
We even invited over friends to play! On Tuesday I invited all the bible study moms over, we had a house full with 10 kiddos plus Mommys. It was a blast!

One highlight was when Mom caught a frog. I feel sorry for that frog, because for more than an hour that poor creature was poked and carried and dropped over and over again. Connor and Bryce absolutely loved him and were very sad when we had to let him go back to his house to live.
The frog was given some much needed breaks in this little container. That meant no one could touch him!
Daddy made it home safely and brought the boys surprises. Both boys are in love with their new squishy alligators . Welcome home Daddy!!! We missed you!

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Anonymous said...

loved the video's what a great new toy to have,
my boys are growing up so fast, thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us..
Shanni and Papa love and miss you all

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