Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life on Dad's Watch

Me and My Daddy (and baby Connor)
We all remember what it was like when Dad was left in charge? I remember those nights when my Mom had some ladies thing at church and Dad was in charge. The evening was full of wrestling matches, dinner in front of the TV, rag-baths (Which meant Mark and I were handed a washcloth and told to wipe down, I don't think Mom would approve), and finally going to bed in my parent's bed. My Dad always fell asleep before Mark and I which always brought on loads of laughs especially when my Dad started snoring. Those memories make me laugh and warm my heart even more since my boys have begun to experience "Life on Dad's watch".
Life on Dad's Watch Moment #1: Bryce got into my TKids bag and found the markers. He then proceeded to decorate himself, all on Dad's watch.
Life on Dad's Watch Moment #2: Eating Ice Cream at the Zoo. It only happens when Dad is with us.
Life on Dad's Watch Moment #3: Dad let the boys eat frosted Valentines Day cookies right before bed, while I was still at TKids.

I look forward to more fun moments on Dad's watch as the years continue to fly by. What do you remember doing on Dad's watch?


Adam said...

Way to throw me under the bus.

Momma Sadler said...

my mom never let me watch scary movies, partly b/c I would wet the bed and keep her up all night but partly b/c small children shouldn't watch very scary things. Rick always let me watch Saturday Sci-Fi flicks with him while she was grocery shopping. Even though I can count on one hand the happy memories of him being around, I still love Godzilla movies and cheesy Sci-Fi flicks including, but not limited to, giant rabbits, towns taken over by spiders, flying pirhanas, and anything dubbed in English from Japanese.

Jen McManus said...

There must be something about those sci-fi movies that hook Dads. Because my Dad loved them too.

Anonymous said...

Dad's watch should always bring great memories filled with laughter, brought up at family gatherings and special moments as a parent..I am so blessed to read your words,and remeberances of your dad's watch memories..looks like I did something right..and for the record...I too memember our dad's nights, listening to the rain storms, with the door open (even though the carpet was soaked)..
Best daddy's times.. :o)
"love you in the city" Sweets

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