Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Well the word spread like wildfire(thanks to Adam and his handy dandy iPhone and Facebook) but we are having a girl. I was completely shocked, and made the technician check for us three times. Our daughter’s name is...Alexis Grace McManus. We always just pick a first name we both love and a middle name from the Bible.
I wanted to share with everyone what God has been teaching me these last couple of months and whether or not this 3rd baby was going to be a boy or a girl. I of course wanted a girl in the family. I want a daughter to do all the mother-daughter things with and I looked forward to having an opportunity to raise a Godly woman.
I was very tempted to do all that I "could" to try and get a girl this time. At first I had thought that Adam and I would read up on diets, when to have "business time", what position, and to PRAY a lot. BUT after experiencing a miscarriage last June, God did a work in my heart.
My priorities changed quickly and when we talked about getting pregnant again, I wanted a healthy baby first and felt convicted trying to play the "pick the sex" game. So we didn't, Adam and I did it the old fashioned way. I also felt convicted about praying for a girl, so again I didn't. Instead my prayer became "God I want your best plan and if that means 3 boys then I want 3 boys, if it means 2 boys and 1 girl then I want that." It was a hard prayer to pray at first because my flesh wanted to add, "but I really want a girl".
As I continued to pray this prayer I found God working in other areas of my life. I found myself praying a similar prayer for everything. You see, I am a planner and I want it done my way, but I began to see that God's way was much better than mine. I am still learning this discipline, because it is hard for me. But I felt so great walking into the sonogram room last week, knowing that whether it was a girl or a boy, it was God's best! God is so good! I look forward to see what else God's best has in store for me and my family! God Bless!


momma sadler said...

I really thought Aubrey was going to make an appearance in the name since you mentioned how much you liked it when Lois told us her girls name. But Alexis is great too. I have known a few and they were always nice girls. It's part of my synesthesia but I always associate the letter A with feminine names. Don't tell Adam.

momma sadler said...

or Abigail since it means beauty and brains but Grace is awesome. perfect. especially for this little princess :)

Jen McManus said...

Aubrey was on my list, but Adam shot it down. I have never known an Alexis so I love having a clean slate! Talk soon.

Harmony said...

Congrats, Jen! You'll have so much fun! I'm so scared to have a girl because I will put us out of house and home with all the shopping for adorable girl clothes. I had to walk away from Target the other day because I was on cute dress overload! I even had Landon with me and was half contemplating putting him in a dress!

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