Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Days

We love spending time together as a family and find it the highlight of our week. This weekend we spent Friday evening at a nearby park on a family bike ride and playing on the playground. Connor did great on the long ride, there was even a lot of turns and hills. On Saturday we hit our favorite spot in town, the Fort Worth Zoo. We are zoo members and just can't stay away. Both boys love animals and this zoo never lets us down. The weather was perfect and the animals were out and very active. Adam was even able to get some work done, Alamofire is getting ready to launch a new game on iPhone called Gowalla and he made a great tour of the zoo.
Bryce was loving the bamboo leaf he found on the ground. He really wanted to show it to the camera.
Yeah the picture is cute, but what was cuter is how Bryce says "Cheese!" That boy melts my heart.
He loves riding on Daddy's shoudlers.


Adam said...

I am the coolest looking Dad EVER!

Jen McManus said...

Dude I just noticed that those bamboo leaves that Bryce is holding, look like an entirely different "type of leaf". Haha

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