Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random things about me (It's the cool thing to do)

1)I obviously give in to peer pressure. Because I never thought I would do this list and yet here I am. ☹ My husband is very disappointed he hates this “new trend”.
2)I am left-handed, and my left hand thumb is fused which means it is practically non-plausible. Yup I am now part ape and possibly the missing link.
3)I make up words all the time. See #2. Is non-plausible a word?
4)I hate onions, like a really really really lot. I will pick them out of any dish no matter where I am. I love “lays sour cream and onion” chips, I am odd.
5)I technically met my husband and love of my life on the internet, before it was cool.
6)I used to be scared of clowns but have successfully worked through it.
7)I have had more then 3 concussions. I am kind of accident prone. If there is a way to get hurt doing something, then I will do it.
8)I collected clowns when I was little because of #6.
9)My first car was a ’69 Chevy ¾ ton pickup truck. I drove it into a tree the first week I got it, because I was attacked by a bee. That truck didn’t even flinch, but the beautiful chrome bumper didn’t make it.
10)I do everything heads on and give 125%. I love life and will try everything once.
11)I am allergic to bees, see #9.
12)I have broken a lot of bones and had too many surgeries to count because of #10. I even take RA medication and one day will receive a full knee replacement.
13)I have eaten a whole can of Spam (including the gel around the edges) because of some lame-o youth game. I am sure we won because of my awesome performance.
14)I can quote most lines from “Son in Law”, “The Goonies”, “The Princess Bride”, most Disney cartoons, and “Steel Magnolias”
15)I am a champion leg wrestler. Doubt me? I will take you on and win, even with the knees from #12.
16)I have surfed, rock climbed, snow boarded, snorkeled, water skied, scuba dived, white water rafted and will try any other extreme sport.
17)When I was little I wanted to be a cartoonist for Disney and practiced all the time. I still love to draw, but never do it.
18)My legs and arms are mutant long and I have trouble finding clothing that fits correctly. I have to buy men long sleeve shirts or wear women long sleeves like quarter sleeves. Don’t get me started with pants, “tall” is never tall enough for me. I frequently buy the bigger size to get the longer length.
19)I have lived in 6 states, 5 being in the south and 1 in the north. And yet if you ask me I will say that I am a northerner through and through.
20)I stick my foot in my mouth more than I want to and try to work on not doing it.
21)I fell all the way down the “famous” DC capital steps when I was in HS. See #7.
22)If I wear any sort of heals I am taller than Adam. See #18.
23)I have “almost” died many times. My near life death experiences are much cooler than almost car wrecks too. Ask me sometime, they are great stories.
24)I am secretly competing with myself to see how quickly I can give birth. My record is 2 hours with only 2 and ½ minutes of “actual” pushing. (Not sure if beating that record would be wise)
25)I can’t brush me teeth without getting toothpaste all over my mouth and I can’t blow my nose quietly. I have tried to brush and blow my nose politely but it’s impossible.

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The Lows said...

Wow, I actually knew almost all of those and was a part of some too!!!

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