Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new placement

We got the call last Wednesday for another foster baby. This time a 4 month old baby girl!!!! Here's all the information I can give you right now.

1) She will more than likely be only a foster. Yup, that means we'll find ourselves handing over this little angel back to her biological parents one day. (That day could be as early as May)

2) Due to issues we can't discuss we are actually the second foster home for this little angel since being originally removed from her biological parents.

3) We'll call her "Little M" online. (for those who don't know we can't give any personal information about our foster kiddos online....Oh and no pictures)

4) 4 month old babies don't sleep through the night! Huh? She was getting up 2 times a night when we first got her, but I have her only getting up once now. So I feel good about that. UPDATE: We're back to up at 2 am and 6am every night. Lord Help ME!

5) Connor, Bryce, and Alexis and adjusting great! They love to help feed her, make her smile and laugh, and don't care one bit that we have another McManus kiddo.

I'll keep everyone updated as we continue on yet another foster journey......


SherryB said...

ya'll are awesome! I love how this is the norm for your kiddos & they just roll with it :)

My Heart Song said...

Wonderful. God be with you on this new journey... and I know He will be!
Shannon in Indiana <><

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