Sunday, February 13, 2011

70 degrees in FEBRUARY

I'm really not sure why it took Adam and me almost 7 years to move to Austin, TX. Because I'm SERIOUSLY in love with this city. This weekend it was mid 70's!!!! In FEBRUARY!!!!

So we headed OUTSIDE.....
We had to grab some Torchy's first. (We eat at Torchy's Tacos at least once a week. It's one of Austin's BEST. If you ever visit us, it is a MUST EAT!) And you haven't lived until you eat at a trailer park.
Next we went for a hike around Town Lake and then played at the park.
*this post and the pictures are really for all our grandparents!!

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Wayne and Rhonda said...

Well, I tried this once, I'll try again. We do appreciate the updates. Still can't believe Connor is changing so much so fast. Are those freckles on his cheeks? Were they there when we visited recently? BTW, it's 64 degrees here - not bad. W&R

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