Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love to hate my hair! Always have..... It just might be a girl-thing. But I really do have a love/hate relationship with my hair. You see it's curly, but not cute curly. More 80's frizzy curly. So I straighten it EVERYDAY. Ok ok ok some....umm maybe most days I wear it in a ponytail. But if I'm going to see "real" people I straighten it (stay at home Moms know what I mean when I say "seeing real people).

So when I found out I was having a daughter I WAS SO EXCITED and SO SCARED at the same time. I was scared to death of little girl hair. I can deal with me having bad hair, but my little girl. Oh man the stress kills me. Alexis has hard little girl hair. She has a lot of it and it's thin and stringy and EVERYWHERE. I've cut the back of it once because it was getting VERY MULLET-LIKE. So help me out! Am I doing alright? Be honest and help me out because family pictures are around the corner.
The natural look?
The Cindy-lou who look?
The piggy-tails?
Vote now!


minda312 said...

The Natural :-)

John said...

I've always been a big fan of the piggie tails look.

Anonymous said...

Nana votes for the natural look. And your hair was cute then sweetie and still is but Alexis is doomed -- she has inherited our classic thin, wispy, can't do a thing with it hair. Doesn't get any better with age either!!

Thinking of you guys -- J-man -- all of you

Love Nana

Anonymous said...

Gigi loves them all! Cuz her granddaughter is the cutest little girl in the whole world!! and love that you have a girl to do things with her hair. Boys... you just comb it for goodness sake. Girls you get to play!!! remember the curly bangs, sitting and letting me make you french braids, and pony tails so tight I thought your eyes would pop out!!

Love them all!!! GIGI

Mr Bush said...

Papa is a fan of Cindi Lou Hoo..look

Jen McManus said...

I love the natural too, but that is a kind of old pic cause her "bangs" are way longer and get in her eyes. Guess everyone will just have to wait to see what I decide when you get the famous McManus Christmas card. hehehehe

Erik said...

You can call the last one the Cindy Brady, but I don't have a preference.

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