Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Instantly in love

Bringing home a new baby is always an experience when you have other little ones. You never can guess how they are going to react to the new addition. When we brought Bryce home Connor was uninterested and we had to bribe him to get a picture with the new baby. I knew that this time around Connor would better understand and be excited. Boy he was! Connor was old enough to visit Alexis in the NICU and was always so excited to see her. When he said his prayers every night his favorite thing he did that day was seeing his baby sister.
Bryce was my biggest concern, you see he is a big Mama's boy! I was worried that we might have some jealous moments and was prepared to deal with it. Of course I was dead wrong! Bryce instantly fell in love with that little girl. He always wants to know where she is at and wants to hold her. He calls her "boo-boo" and can't get a smile off his face when she is around. Last night when they came out from their bath I was holding Alexis. I was expecting Bryce to want me to put her down and hold him like we always do before bed time. Instead he looked up at me and said "My boo-boo". He wanted to hold her! How adorable that he is enamored with her already.


Anonymous said...

I guess Bryce David gave us our little girl's nickname, Boo-Boo. How cute and adorable. Praise God for sending her home where she belongs. Enjoy each and every moment !! Love Nana

Sadlers said...

I'm with Nana, I think Boo-boo is a great name for her....till she demands to be called Pretty Pretty Princess. So awesome to see her big brothers in love.

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