Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Pics

Every year I "torture" my family and make them all sit still, dress up, look at the camera and smile. I don't ask for a lot, but I need a family picture each year it is just my thing. This year we had Keegan, one of Adam's coworker come over and take them for us. We actually got some good shots. Stay tuned and check your mailboxes I designed my own Christmas Card this year. Enjoy!
The money shot! Everyone smiling and looking at the camera!
Sweet Brothers!
My two men!
Bryce and Moma


EastCoastLove said...

So good!! :) you all look so pretty! ;)

GiGi said...

GiGi that her grandsons and the best and cutest little guys in the whole world! And you can't even tell with that smile that Jenn is twisting Adam's arm behind his back. Connor has the famous forced smile/grin of his GiGi and Uncle Mark. Here I come in two weeks and be ready, Connor and Bryce, for lots and lots of hugs and GiGi kisses! Love you

Tigard Nana said...

Jenn, Love the blog and so happy to see how great things are going for you. God is good! Can't wait to see who the new little one is - interested to see if you are you going to follow the Kile baby tradition or not. Of course, Amy cheated in the end! The boys are adorable and I do remember Mark with that "forced" Connor smile - so cute! Love, Judy

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