Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in "Ohmahoma"

On Friday the McManus Clan packed up and headed north to Muskogee, Oklahoma (Connor calls it Ohmahoma) The 4 hour drive took us almost 6 because of a horrible traffic jam and a much needed stop to stretch our legs. The boys did great considering that is the longest they have had to be in the van. We stayed on the river on Granddaddy and Granny's boat.
The boys absolutely loved exploring the boat, riding on Granddaddy's golf cart, and throwing rocks into the water.

On Saturday the cold weather came earlier than expected. So we took the boys up to Granddaddy and Granny's church and let them run around the gym. The played basketball, soccer, hula hoops, and just ran around. It was a great idea since they are used to a bigger area than what is on the boat. Afterward we had lunch and stopped by the mall.

Saturday night we went to see Christmas lights at the local garden. You drove through it and saw lot's of beautiful lights including some moving Christmas scenes. After that we drove through the largest collection of Christmas inflatables. It was totally cool and I wish I could have recorded Bryce's reaction every time he recognized a character, it was adorable. Our last stop was the "Christmas Castle" filled with goodies, more decorations, a real "father Christmas, the Grinch, and other renaissance characters.

Our sleeping quarters. Adam and I slept on one bed, Connor on the other, and Bryce in the middle. The boys loved sleeping in the same room together and giggled the first 30 minutes every time we put them to bed.

On Sunday we got up, braved the 10 degree weather, and went to church. The boys had a great time. Connor walked right into his class and starting playing with another boy. Bryce (who I was worried about) overheard the teacher ask if it was okay if he had donut-holes for snack and walked right in without so much as a wave goodbye. That kids loves his food.

The trip was a great success. The boys had a blast and on the drive home completely zonked out for over 2 hours.


Momma Sadler said...

Pronunciation [klan] Show IPA Pronunciation
1. Ku Klux Klan.
2. a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

1. a group of families or households, as among the Scottish Highlanders, the heads of which claim descent from a common ancestor.
2. a group of people of common descent; family: Our whole clan got together for Thanksgiving.
3. a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, esp. as united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest: a clan of actors and directors.

Jen McManus said...

1)My editor did not proof read this post and I paid for it dearly.

2)I am glad that I have friends that are always there to knock me down and keep me humble. Epic Fail for Jen.

Thanks Amanda

Momma Sadler said...

very sweet pictures, and it looked like you guys had a great time. I think I would have exhausted the line, "better eat your veggies, matey, or I'll make you walk the plank!!"

So glad you cleared up the confusion of the klan vs clan. I couldn't comment further cause I don't want this to come back to bite me when I run for office some day. Don't laugh.

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