Monday, February 13, 2012

Trouble with blogging....

I started posting years ago because of one reason: LAZYNESS. We didn't have any family living near us and I was in charge of getting new pics of babies out to all the grandparents and other families. No one was on Facebook and email was painful, so Adam hooked me up with this blog.

Now I have people all over heading over to see how I am doing. I talked about fostercare and adoption a lot before cancer. And now it feels like this blog is about cancer a lot. Which makes sense because cancer consumes a lot of our life right now.

I am trying to write about other stuff, but I have one other problem. I am on A LOT of freaky meds. Freaky meds that make me very tired and very not all the way there. My head is very fuzzy. I can't remember a lot of regular stuff. I am not smart. And I simply can't write easily. This is really hard for me and one of my top "HATES" in this cancer journey. (SO if you want to help me out, send me questions and I can answer them. That way I don't have to sit here and try to come up with stuff)

Good news I heard a rough cut of the video The Austin Stone story team is doing on this cancer journey. And it sounded great. Excited to see how God will use this story to help and encourage others. I am scared about being so raw in front of SO many people, but if it means one person sees the Gospel then my pride can be deal with it.

sneak peek:

UPDATE: I am on a higher dosage of chemo and I am doing OK! Fevers, headaches, and puking but I think that I can do it. Praying that my body gets used to it and we can keep going. Kill that cancer!

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Anonymous said...

Remember that you are never alone in this fight and that fod has a plan for you!

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