Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Devotions: Day 3 and 4

On Tuesday night we did an activity called; Resurrection eggs. We got this set of eggs last year from a good friend. Each egg has something inside to help tell the stories from Holy Week. The boys ADORE this. They try to guess what is inside each egg as we go. And then the last egg has NOTHING in it, is always a little bit of a shock. This year Bryce got to open the gold egg and his face was priceless. Afterward we let the boys draw a picture of something they had learned. Connor drew a picture of the 3 crosses on Calvary and Bryce drew a picture of Jesus coming out of the empty tomb. Precious!

On Wednesday, we simply read the story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible about the night Jesus had dinner with his disciples and washed their feet. It is a favorite with our boys because it talks about stinky feet. It was a simply family devotional night, but still special none the less.

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Great Googely Moogely said...

We did the Resurrection Eggs this year and Reed loved it. He asked to do it over and over again. We really emphasized Easter as a way to celebrate Jesus conquering death so we could have life. Instead of Happy Easter we said "He Is Risen" and threw our hands up in the air to celebrate. So glad your boys dig the Resurrection eggs, too. I told J I want to make Easter more fun than Christmas!!

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