Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Oregon Zoo

On Friday we decided to visit the Oregon Zoo, one of my favorite places when I was younger. And since the boys love the Fort Worth Zoo so much we knew it would be a great idea. The weather was absolutely perfect, I was giddy when I saw that it was in the 70's and we all needed our hoodies(by the time we left it was 85 can you believe that fellow Texans?). I love the zoo especially when the animals are out and want to be social. The Oregon zoo specializes in making each habitat realistic for each animal which is so fantastic, but it makes the animals so happy and comfortable that sometimes you don't see them. Fortunately for us, most animals were out and willing to say "hi". Some of the highlights were the giant sealion, otters, polar bears, bats, insect zoo (Connor and Bryce got to pet an Austrailian walking stick), wolves, brushing the goats, and all the fun paths, bridges, and stairs we got to run on.

No one wants to mess with a mean Polar bear, look how big they are. That day one male was wreaking havic on a barrel, it was fun to watch!
Family pic: Will I ever get a picture with everyone smiling?
This is a life size cutout of a male lion, dang! Bryce wouldn't take his picture with the lion until he was sure it wasn't real, it was funny watching his face when Connor went running up to it.
Uncle Mark was so much fun and almost as enterataining as the animals.Ahh the goats. I remember LOVIN' petting the goats and my boys did too. One got a little friendly with Bryce and tried to eat his coat, but Bryce soon forgave him and brushed his hair.Connor was in heaven, he is such an animal lover.

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EastCoastLove said...

I had to double take on the lion too! i see why bryce was shy about it :) glad you guys had a blast and are safe at home!! :)

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