Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a "Fort" kind of Day!

I wasn't feeling well enough to hit the gym this Monday morning. I am still pretty sick and my knee got banged up last Friday, so we took it easy and stayed home. The boys and I set up a cool fort (remember doing that growing up?). The boys played in the fort all morning while I did laundry, steam cleaned the carpets, and made lunch. It was a fun morning.

It was so fun watching the boys play so well together. Connor loved imagining that the "fort" was a space ship, a pirates boat, and well a camping tent. It reminded me of when I was little and my little brother and I would spend hours making forts anywhere we could; the beach, our yard, the living room, the nearby forest, friend's basements, etc. It was fun to remember the "old" days and to see my kids enjoying the games I loved to play.


Anonymous said...

Of course "Mom" remembers well the sick feeling. Both Jenn and Mark made me very ill. I can so relate babe. and Fort day!!! you and your brother used every sheet and blanket you could find! Couch, love seat, recliner and every dining room chair made the walls. The whole entire living room had to be entered on your knees!!!! Isn't it fun to do the same with my grandsons!!! and they are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

From Nana (Jennifer's aunt)I remember our fort building days in Michigan when the whole neighorhood made "tents" with sheets up against the fence. We played all day long. Guess we probably all come from a long line of fort builders ! What fun to see my grand nephews in theirs.

As for the new baby, we'll take a healthy one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl this time. I think Jennifer and Adam and the boys deserve one, don't you all too??

Jenn also comes from a long line of pregnancy sickness. Her mom's mom actually weighed less on the day she delivered Jenn's mom than she did before she was pregnant with her. Figure that one out... haha.

Loved the pictures at the zoo but Nana wants to see the boys with her fav zoo animal, the elephant.

I just love this blog thing. Love the electronic age !! Keep up the good work Jenn, at least when you can fit it in between runs to the bathroom !!

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